Data sheet


Removing particles and odors from a ventilation system is usually a two-step affair. With AFP-AZ Duo, however, this is no longer the case.

By combining the two steps into one, AFP-AZ Duo makes air filtration of particles and odors simple and more cost effective.

Firstly, a high-performance synthetic media layer removes dust particles, giving a filtration efficiency of F7 (according to EN 779).

Then, a high quality activated carbon composite material removes odors, making the air feel and smell cleaner.

Two-stage air cleaning is essential in buildings where high levels of contamination come from flue gases or production processes.

Air handling units are often designed for one-step cleaning.

By combining the two stages into a standard size filter, AFP-AZ Duo offers the ability to clean particulate airflow and odors without adding costly processes to the ventilation system.

With a thickness of only 300 mm and lightweight materials, the standard AFP-AZ Duo filter can be directly installed in an air handling unit replacing a particulate filter or odor filter with a more efficient combination unit.

  • Nominal air flow of 3400 m³ / h per cell

Suitable for environments with high airflow requirements

  • Particle filtration and odor removal in one step

Save time, space and money

  • Large filter area of 10 m²

For longer life and high retention capacity

  • Activated carbon composite material

No dust generation

  • Fully incinerable, plastic cavity profile frame

For a simple and ecological elimination

  • Lightweight

Simplifies handling, installation and removal

  • Compact - installation depth only 300 mm

Installed in a standard bag filter frame

  • Freestanding and rigid

For reliability in operation

Filter class (EN 779)


Maximum operating temperature

< 50 °C

Maximum relative humidity

< 90%


4.8 kg - 9.0 kg

Media format


Media material

Synthetic fiber composite material with fine-grained activated carbon

Frame material

Halogen-free polystyrene

Seal material