Data sheet

PMA Series

This all-polypropylene filter retains particles with absolute efficiency.

Available in a wide range of pore sizes, it is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The pleated construction provides a high surface area to provide exceptional overall filtration savings.

  • Microns from 0.2 to 100 μm - Wide range of applications

  • "Absolute" efficiency - evaluated at 99.98% (beta 5000)

  • Competitive Surface - High throughput and long line service - minimizes maintenance costs

  • Fixed Pore Structure - Eliminates dirt discharge at maximum differential pressure

  • Polypropylene construction - Inert to many process fluids

  • Various seals / O-rings - Compatible with a variety of fluids

  • Made in continuous lengths up to 40 inches

Filter type

Retention Rating (microns)

Nominal length (inches)

End of configuration

Gasket or O-ring


PMA Series

0.2       10 

0.45      25

1           50

2.5      100


–5        –20

–9.75* –10

 –30     –40

P Double Open End
P2 226 / Single open flat
P3 222 / Single open flat
P7 226 / Open single spoiler
P8 222 / Open single spoiler
AM Single open end, internal O-ring
NPC Double Open End, Internal O-Ring
B Buna-N
T Teflon encapsulation. Viton (O-rings only)
T Teflon Gasket
V Viton
-I end cap
-R Factory Pre-rinse

* Available only for DOE configuration (P)