Data sheet


These certified beacons have been designed for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Stainless steel or marine-grade alloy housings are suitable for offshore or onshore use, where lightness combined with corrosion resistance and strength is required.

Units can be painted to customer specifications and tagged. LED version available, offering extended lifetimes.

A high temperature version is available - contact MEDC for details.

Stainless steel, one of the most durable materials on the market, resists corrosion and wear, increasing product life in harsh environments and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Using zones 1 and 2

  • IP66 and IP67.

  • Certified temperature: -55ºC to + 70ºC *.

  • High temperature version (up to 85ºC) available.

  • Stainless steel or marine grade alloy

* Depending on the version


HXBS, XBTS and LEDS - Grade 316 ANC4B Stainless Steel.

HXBA, XBTA and LEDA - LM25 TF marine grade alloy.

Lens - Glass.

UL version available only in marine grade alloy.

CSA version available only in stainless steel.


Epoxy paint as standard or according to customer specifications.


HXBS & LEDS - 3.8kg each (approximately).

HXBA and LEDA - 2kg. each (approximately)

Protection against ingress:

IP66 & IP67.


Up to 4 x M20 / M25 ISO or 1/2 "/ 3/4" NPT.


HXB & XBT - 6 off suitable for a cable up to 1.5mm2.

LED - 6 off suitable for a cable up to 1.5mm2