Data sheet

FL11, FB11, FL12&FB12

These certified fixed beacons have been designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and in harsh environmental conditions.

The enclosures are suitable for offshore or onshore use, where lightness combined with corrosion resistance is required.

The beacon case is made entirely of a UV-resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester.

Stainless steel screws and a mounting bracket are available to ensure a completely corrosion-free product.

Units can be painted to customer specifications and provided with an identification tag

  • Use of zones 1 and 2.

  • IP66 and IP67.

  • Certified temperature: -55ºC to + 70ºC *.

  • GRP resistant to corrosion.

  • Optional stainless steel backstrap.

  • Optional lens protection.

* Depends on the model.


Body: reinforced polyester glass (GRP).

Lens: glass.

Cover the screws + back strap: 316 stainless steel.


Natural black or painted according to customer specifications.


FL11 and FL12 - 24V d.c., 240V a.c.

FB11 and FB12 - 24 V d.c., 48 V d.c.

                            - 110V ac, 120V ac, 220V ac, 240V ac, 254V ac


FB11 - Standard 10W filament - (SBC lamp holder).

FB12 - Single 60W or 100W single filament series. Others may be available (UL Listed - 60W only) - (ES27 Lamp Holder).


Light output of 5 watts 250 lumens

(FL11 version 24V dc. Only) - G23 lamp holder.

Light output of 10 watts 600 lumens

(FL11 version 240V a.c. only) - G23 lamp holder.

Light output of 13 watts 900 lumens

(FL12, per tube) - G24Q-1 lamp holder.


FL11, FB11 - 2.8 kg *.

FL12 - 7.2 kg *.

FB12 - 7.6 kg *.

* Model depends