Data sheet


The Simtronics DM-TV6-V is an aluminum flame detector with anti-corrosion paint protection combined with ultraviolet / dual infrared detection that provides excellent detection while ensuring a very low alarm rate.

The MultiFlame Flame Detector DM-TV6-V is designed to detect hydrocarbon fires, while maintaining a high degree of immunity to false alarms.

This optical flame detector offers different outputs (measurements and states) and can be used on SIL 2 level applications. The detector can be interfaced with a large number of fire panels, control panels and industrial PLCs.

The DM-TV6-T MultiFlame flame detector is fully configurable thanks to the TLU600 portable communication terminal, offering the user great flexibility. Response time, sensitivity and output configuration are adjustable.

The TLU600 Intrinsically Safe Portable Communication Terminal also enables the control of the optical and electronic parts of the detector as well as the outputs (current, relay).

  • Continuous optical self-tests

  • Wide field of vision

  • Immunity against nuisance alarms

  • Relay outputs, 4-20mA, 0-22mA, as standard

  • Optional 4-20mA / Hart output

  • SIL 2


Multi-spectrum combined, UV / 2xIR

Fires detected

Hydrocarbons and carbon compounds

Detection range *

Fire n-heptane 45m, 30m petrol

* tray 0.3 x 0.3 m

Fields vision

Maximum horizontal angle 1 20 °

Horizontal angle 50% of range 97 °

Vertical angle 50% of the range 57 °

Response time

Adjustable from 1 to 20 seconds (typical 3.5 seconds)